General Rules for Work and Contractors

General Rules & Regulations for All Owners,
Contractors and Service Personnel (as of 7/1/2014)

The following rules apply to all owners, contractors, vendors and service personnel while on the premises:

A.  Hours of operation for construction are:

Weekdays 7am – sunset (workers must leave after finishing work, not allowed to stay after their work day is completed)

Saturday   8am – 4pm (non-noise making work only –NO FRAMING OR ROOFING)

No work to be done on Sunday

B.  Concrete trucks are limited to no more than eight (8) cubic yards.  Dump trucks are limited to no more than five (5) cubic yards for single axle and (12) cubic yards for tandem axle.

C.  Contractors are required to keep their job sites as neat and clean as possible.  This includes street cleaning.  Trash and discarded materials will be disposed of in the dumpster on site. No dumping or stockpiling is permitted on adjacent lots or on the street. A commercial dumpster is required to be placed on your lot only.  No dumpster will be allowed on the street or sidewalk.  Your lot must be cleaned daily. Trash burning is not permitted. Trash not properly controlled will be removed and will be billed to the responsible party or taken from the "Damage Deposit". This "Deposit" must be paid in full to University Club Plantation Architectural Review Committee prior to beginning construction.

D.  Contractors will use only the utilities installed on the immediate lot on which they are working.

E.  Contractors are to insure that deliveries made to their job site do not infringe on adjacent lots.

F.  Any damage to streets and curbs, common areas, utility or drainage systems, street lights, street signs, mailboxes, walls, etc. not repaired by the contractor to the satisfaction of UCP architectural review committee will be repaired by University Club Plantation, L.L.C., and such costs will be billed to the responsible lot owner or contractor or taken from the damage deposit.

G.  The established speed limit within the community is 30 miles per hour for construction vehicles, including light trucks and autos.  This must be obeyed.

H.  There will be no washing of any concrete truck on the streets, street basins, adjoining lots or common areas.  Any concrete delivery truck must be washed out in a designated area on the construction site.

I.  Operators of vehicles are required to see that they do not spill any damaging materials while within the community, and if spillage of a load occurs, operators are responsible for cleaning up the spillage.  Cleanups done by University Club Plantation, L.L.C. will be billed to the responsible party or taken from the damage deposit.  Please report any spills as soon as possible.

J.  If the telephone, cable TV, electrical, water or other utility lines are cut, it is the Contractor’s and/or Lot Owner’s responsibility to report such accidents to the appropriate utility company and UCP within thirty (30) minutes.

K.  All personnel working in the community are to insure that they will keep all areas in which they work or travel through free of discarded materials, such as lunch bags and odd materials.  Objects should not be thrown out of cars and trucks.  Staging of any materials on adjacent lots or common areas is not allowed.

L.  Loud radios or noise will not be allowed within the subdivision.  This is distracting and discomforting to property owners.  Normal radio levels are acceptable.  Do not mount speakers on vehicles or outside of homes under construction.  Remember that sound travels a long way.

M.  No shortcuts across lots are allowed. No fishing by workers is allowed in UCP.

N.  No vehicles (trucks, vans, cars, trailers, etc.) may be left in the subdivision overnight.  Any construction equipment and vehicles may be left on the site while needed, but must not be kept on the street.

O.  Only bona fide workers are allowed on property.  Wives may drive workers to site and pick them up, but must not remain on the property unless they are actual employees of the subcontractor.  No children will be permitted on the property unless they are bona fide workers.

P.  Contractor will provide portable toilets on their job sites and keep then serviced regularly.

Q.  No construction on any lot shall be commenced or performed by anyone other than a builder who has been pre-approved by the Architectural Control Committee. All builders seeking approval are required to submit a written application to the Architectural Control Committee along with proof of general liability insurance, automotive insurance, and proof of workers compensation insurance.

R.  No temporary storage tanks or buildings are allowed.

HOME CONSTRUCTION SIGNAGE:  Custom Builder’s advertisement of   homes under construction may use “FOR SALE” or “CUSTOM HOMES” signs in University Club Plantation.  The signs shall be 18" x 24" single or double sided constructed of white coroplast with pantone (#273C) royal purple vinyl lettering.  The sign may advertise the Builder’s company name and telephone number, its marketing agent and telephone number, or its customer’s name.  Custom Builder’s may also advertise the status of the home, i.e., sold, for sale, or custom home.